1. NEMEZIZ TANGO 17.3 TF adidas
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  5. Lzg Xii 700 Fgt lotto
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Football Shoes for Men

Lionel Messi once said, ‘If Football has taught me anything, it is that you can overcome anything, if and only if, you love something enough”

Football is a global sport. To be a football player, no matter the level of skill, wearing the right shoe is extremely important. Playing this sport requires a lot of running for that a shoe should have the right outsole to provide good grip and traction on all surfaces. It is usually played on Grass, and the shoes for that come with a special outsole with studs. These type of shoes are also known as Cleats.

You can get Football shoes for Men Depending on the following:

  • type of surface
  • kind of sport
  • player’s position or role in the game.

Design of the Football Shoe


Studs On the outsole may be metal, rubber or plastic. Usually players favor using a football shoe with screw-in studs on their non-dominant (supporting) foot to provide grip, and a football shoe with short rubber or plastic studs in the dominant (kicking) foot to provide more accuracy.

Indoor Football shoes are used for indoor games. These come with rubber soles, meant to maximize grip on the floor. Some are built on the design of firm-ground football shoes, and some are specifically designed for the indoor sports. For football on turf or artificial grass, some players wear regular firm ground football shoes. Wearing regular football shoes on turf can reduce the life span of the shoe. Sport companies such as Nike have developed football shoes for artificial grass (AG). For hard pitches, players may wear a plastic-stud boot, although on grass, studs are recommended to provide more grip.

Longer studs dig into the ground better to provide traction and are better if you have to make short turns and cuts on the field. Shorter ones are better for running across the field.

Weight of the Football Shoes

The Football shoe can be light or heavy depending on the type of surface, kind of sport and player’s position or role in the game. Lighter Football shoes are versatile and provide more agility. Lightweight football shoe is recommended if your position in the game requires more running. Heavyweight football shoe is a better option for less mobile positions.


The high tops are better for less mobile positions. Used mostly by offensive and defensive line players. Mid cut football shoes are meant for linebackers, running backs and quarterbacks. Low cut football shoes are designed for speed positions, like cornerbacks, safeties and wide receivers.

Tips on Buying Football Shoes for Men Online

  • Not all shoes with studs are meant for Football. They can be used for other sports like Lacrosse, Baseball and others. So it is wise to keep that in mind while buying Football shoes for Men online.
  • It is better to invest in a good branded high quality Football shoe since it is a high activity sport that required a shoe that can resist wear and tear and last a long time.
  • Check the description boxes of the shoe to get more information about the materials and technologies used.
  • Check the reviews and ratings of the shoes by the customers who have bought it. Do your research before you Buy Football Shoe for Men.
  • If you play on Grass surface, buying a Football shoe that is darker or neutral in colour is better as grass and mud stains are quite hard to remove. Black, Brown, Grey work well for Grass.
  • If you play indoors, buy a bright colour to add to your personality and personal style. Red, Yellow, Neons are very trendy.